Our process for replacing wood windows

We remove the complete wood frame to make sure all of the rotting wood hiding underneath is also removed. Other companies will install the new window without removing the rotted wood.

These are typical wood windows that needs replacement.

This is what we commonly find once a sash has been removed.

We completely remove the main window frame down to the wall studs.

We install a new mini wood frame. We paint or stain and varnished to match your interior wood trim.

The new window is installed behind the mini frame.
This allows the glass size of the new window to remain about the same size as the old window.

The final product. Speaks for itself.

A little comparison of our work to our competitor.
Our Work.

Our competitor.

They only have 3 exterior colors to choose from. Notice the extra wide trim. The glass size has been made smaller. They look out of place, out of proportion, cheap, and like the windows were ordered too small.