Not all vinyl windows are as energy efficient as ours. We can save you an extra $300 per year on your heating cost with reasonably priced windows. The most important test data used to compare the energy efficiency of windows is the air infiltration rating. To meet the energy star rating, a window needs an air infiltration rating of .30cfm. Windows by Paradigm have a rating of .05cfm which means they are 6 times more energy efficient than needed to be have the energy star rating. The difference between .30 cfm and .05cfm equals a saving of $30.00 per winddow, per year. A home with 10 windows equals a $300 savings per year and $3000 after 10 years. That's something to brag about! That is a huge difference between two energy star rated windows. So, the next time you hear, "My window is energy star rated!" Ask about the air infiltration rating. No gimmicks or games, just top quality materials and excellent workmanship at reasonable prices.

We use premium, highly energy efficient, quality, Paradigm windows and sliding glass doors, offering about 100 different colors.